Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1. What I like about blogging?

I like blogging very much. It is very good for interaction and communication. On other words, blogging enables me to have social interaction with my friends. I can add commentary after reading one another’s blogs. Besides that, blogging is like an interactive online diary for me. I can express my ideas through my postings.

2. What I do not like about blogging?

So far, I do not have any bad comment about blogging.

3. What have I gained from blogging?

Blogging really encourages me to write. As I did not write essays for so long time, I can feel that my language now becomes rusty. So, it is the best platform for me to improve my language again as well as develop critical thinking skill.

4. What I like about the course?

This course gives me guidance on how to develop teaching resources using technology as well as non-technology in order to help me in carrying out a good teaching and learning process. Besides that, I have gained some skills like photo editing, audio editing, video editing, and converting files using a lot of free software in the internet.

5. What I do not like about the course?

This course is very time- consuming. It requires me to spend most of the time to practice all the skills and finish up the tasks within a short period of time.

6.What I have learnt from the course?

I have learned that in order to deliver a good teaching, teacher must use good and suitable teaching materials/ resources in order to help the pupils’ learning. With good teaching resources, it makes pupils’ learning become meaningful and interesting.

7. What I do not expect but have learnt from the course?

The thing that I do not expect but I have learned from this course is blogging.

8. What i expect but have not learnt from the course?

Mostly, what I expect to learn is taught in this course.

9. If i can change anything about the course, state what it is and explain.

In my opinion, this course should combine with another subject that is Technology in ESL Classroom. The skills and contents are almost the same. It is like a redundant. Thus, by having only a subject, we can save our time and apply for another elective course.